Resurrection CD

Released February 4th 2022

Track Listings
Virgin Blood
Why Die
Baptism of Fire
Darkness Before the Dawn
Bastion of Evil
Dying Rights
Nuclear Proliferation


Chemical Annihilation – Why Die? CD/DVD (2009)

Features the classic album “Why Die?” and their first Demo, both from 1989.
Digitally remastered and released in 2009 (Out of print now)

Why Die:
Darkness Before The Dawn – Baptism Of Fire – Why Die – Resurrection – Nuclear Proliferation – Contamination
Demo 1
Armageddon – Condemned By Violence – Terrified Conformity – Sands Of Illusion – Final Breath – Mind Of Crazies

Live DVD – Filmed at the Starry Night in Portland Oregon – Set List:
Contamination – Baptism Of Fire – Dying Rights – Anguish & And Insanity – Why Die


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