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Check out a written history of the band here.

1989 Band Picture

The classic Why Die logo has been in use for well over 30 years. Created by Jeremy Knoy.

In 2017 a limited edition re-issue on cassette tape was released by Headsplit Records.

1989 – Ryan, Kris, Mike and Jeff playing at the Starry Night in Portland Oregon.

A show in 2017 – Bill Brewer (Bass), Tobe Anderson (Guitar) and Paul Nicholls (Guitar).

At a show in 2017 – Mike Pfau

Awesome show on April 1st 1989 
I know you were there!

Demo #1

2009 Stormspell CD/DVD Release
Why Die – Demo 1 – Live DVD from the Starry Night 1989

1988 – Kris & Jeff